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How to Create a Simple Website — Without Code
How to Start Blogging  — Without Website, Hosting, or Code
Revolutionary Innovation Makes All Passwords Virtually Uncrackable
Hide Your Secret Inside Text Stereogram — Challenge Your Friends To Find It

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oithis.com/169    Funny animal videos (created in 12 min)
oithis.com/174    School Project (created in 35 min)
oithis.com/172    Lab Technician Resume (created in 10 min)
oithis.com/167    Doctor's office (created in 18 min)
oithis.com/134    Chinese Restaurant (created in 22 min)

Own webpages on next gen Internet.
Set up a website for free.
No need for coding or special tools.
No need for domain names, or web hosting.
Build a simple website in minutes with OiThis easy free website builder.


Build a simple website you can be proud of.
Then share it on social media.
Every webpage has its own short link.
With OiThis, you can build a free website for small business. Share

You can accomplish a lot with OiThis easy free website builder.
Express your passion.
Share adventures.
Present school projects.
Organize family photos.
Accelerate finding a job.
Grow your business.
Promote your hobby.
No need for special tools to make your own website for free.


Use this no code website builder to give your webpage meaningful name.
Use fully spelled words separated with spaces.
Were you looking for free website hosting and domain?
With OiThis, there is no need for domain names or web hosting.


OiThis knowledge management software allows to easily build knowledge base consisting of multiple related webpages, which in turn may include text, documents, files, images, videos, maps, audios, and more.
Link webpages together to form an informational network to be explored by others.


OiThis knowledge management software allows people to share their interest.
As a result, you may discover and collaborate with others who have similar interest.


OiThis knowledge management software enables companies, organizations, and groups of people to build multidimensional proprietory informational networks which include not only dynamically built and in real time structured information, but additionaly allows to include creators of such information as well as people who are interested in it.
Such networks could be explored along informational and human dimensions interchangeably, leading to unexpected discoveries, and establishing social connections along similar interests.


OiThis knowledge management software allows users to appreciate and disapprove content of interest in a meantingful way which carries weight.
This encourages creators to continuously refine content, and also enables users to explore this unique dimension.
For example, finding Oi of interest may lead to a person who appreciated such Oi, which in turn may lead to a discovery of other Oi's such person finds interesting.


OiThis easy website creator allows to make changes at any time, quickly and easily.


Students and graduates, you can make your own website for free.
Use OiThis as creative tool to organize, present, and share your projects, assignments, and even resumes.


Scramble important text messages, emails, and text fragments.
Hide your secret inside 3D text.

oithis.com/scramble    Online and offline text scrambler
oithis.com/hide            Hide secret inside 3D text
QR code

Whether you build a free website for small business, for a project, or for fun, you can share your webpages with others via a scannable QR code.
OiThis no code website builder allows to print flyers with large QR code which can be scanned from 10 ft away.

Page found

Your webpages can always be found in search results within this application.
Create your own search results to be discovered by others.
OiThis easy website creator is working for you.


Set up a website for free.
Then, interact and collaborate with others.
Right on your webpage.
Public conversations.
Private one-on-one conversations.

Company, organization

Dedicated oithis allows companies, organizations, schools, families, or friends to utilize this entire application for their members only.
Secure oithis, additionally, can only be accessed from a designated range of IP addresses, like from a company's internal network.
Both Dedicated and Secure oithis can be created in seconds.
Getting free website hosting and domain is no longer a concern because with OiThis application there is no need for domain names or web hosting.


OiThis knowledge management software allows you to organize, present, and share your thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos, audios, and documents.

No ads

Never see ads in OiThis easy free website builder.
We don't track user behavior.
We don't collect personal information.
We don't share your data with third parties.
Your privacy is never compromised.

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