Hayabusa Hump Storage Modification Kit

Suzuki Hayabusa Hump Storage Modification Kit

Turns your Hayabusa hump into useful storage space. Open and close in seconds. Kits available for 1st generation (1999-2007), and 2nd generation (2008-2020).

Hayabusa Hump Modification Kit

Make use of that empty space - the easy way.

Join thousands of riders around the world who already did.

Every Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa comes with a hump which can be installed in place of a passenger seat for aerodynamic purposes. The hump is empty inside. It would be nice to utilize this empty space in order to be able to carry small items such as spare gloves, cameras, portable air compressor like Cycle Pump, zip ties, a bottle of water, etc. Every rider should carry First Aid kit, but most riders have no place to put it. The problem is that the bottom of the hump comes from the factory screwed to the hump with four bolts. It would be very impractical to unscrew the bolts every time a rider needs access to the hump.

That's where Hump Mod comes really handy. Stock fasteners are replaced with quarter turn fasteners, and voila! A rider is able to remove and install back the bottom of the hump in seconds. As a result, a rider gains as much extra space as the under seat area, effectively doubling the precious cubic inches of space.

For the first generation Hayabusa (1999-2007), only fasteners need to be replaced. Due to a different hump design for the second generation Hayabusa (2008 - 2020), different size fasteners have to be used. Additionally, Suzuki did a poor job redesigning the bottom of the hump. Namely, Suzuki made an opening in the bottom of the hump to allow riders to squeeze in the hump soft items such as gloves. While this would work for gloves, it would not work for other small items which would simply fall out of the hump. Our kit for the second generation Hayabusa includes a small cover so that the opening in the hump cover could be sealed. This would prevent any objects from falling out.

Our Deluxe Kit includes another important feature. It contains a rubberized sticky tape which is used to cover the inside of the hump. This prevents bouncing of objects inside the hump while you ride. This is especially important when you carry in your hump expensive electronics such as music players, photo cameras, video cameras, flash drives, cell phones, and other mobile devices. Hayabusa Hump is a perfect place to conceal small items, while at the same time having an easy access. For example, money, medication, small tools, documents, cell phone cables, etc.

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